How Do Exhaust Leaks Occur?

August 7th, 2019 by

Car Exhaust

Car Exhaust Keeping your vehicle properly maintained can be difficult. The weather and the roads are extra rough on your vehicle. One day you are driving around and you notice your exhaust is making more noise than usual, and you feel like you are down on power. You most likely have an exhaust leak, but what caused it?

One of the most common ways for an exhaust leak to occur is simply driving your car. Whenever you cycle your vehicle on and off, your vehicle experiences extreme temperatures. Over time, this expansion and contraction can lead to small leaks in your manifold gasket. Another common way to obtain an exhaust leak is from rust. Condensation that gets trapped in your exhaust pipes slowly eats away at the metal and creates leaks.

If you feel like your vehicle needs to be inspected for an exhaust leak, you can do so at Straub Automotive. Our staff takes pride in doing a thorough job, and they will make sure your vehicle is well taken care of.


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