Features of the Chrysler 300 Exterior

April 29th, 2019 by

Chrysler 300

Chrysler 300 As a luxury sedan, the Chrysler 300 was designed and built with the driver in mind. The sleek and beautiful exterior can be personalized based on your unique style. Straub Automotive will be happy to show you any of your options for wheels and help you choose the right color for your vehicle.

Equipped with Adaptive High-Intensity Discharge Headlamps, the Chrysler 300 can help you see the road at night. You can also choose to get headlamps with Automatic Leveling so that they change their angle based on your speed and where your wheels are pointed. This feature makes it easier to see around corners or over the tops of hills when driving around town.

The Automatic High-Beam Headlamp system also come as an added feature. It'll turn your high-beams off whenever they sense oncoming traffic and then turn them back on after it has passed.


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