The Nissan Maxima Has All the Responsiveness You Want

The Nissan Maxima has been a popular choice amongst full-size sedans for a long time, due to its sleek design and comfortable ride. Even with its many features and amenities, the Nissan also has a relatively low sticker price when compared to other luxury sedans in this class.

For additional control while driving, the Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission delivers an increased gear ratio capability, an adaptive shift controller and interactive step shifting, all which provide a sporty driving experience that doesn't decrease fuel efficiency. When in Sport mode, you'll receive a better throttle and transmission response. Paddle shifters that are mounted on the steering column are within easy reach, providing instant gear control.

We here at Straub Automotive @ The Highlands are always ready to show off our many different Nissan Maxima models. Come in and take one out for a test drive around Triadelphia, and you will be well-pleased with the experience.

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